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Get Pretty Eyebrows: Talika



For thicker eyebrows, Talika hasn’t really worked for me. What’s a better treatment?


There are lots of products which can be found in the cosmetic section, like Talika, which purport to thicken hair. These products, as far as long term solutions, are not really effective in thickening hair shafts or increasing their density. Talika is a type of gel made up of fibers. After applying the gel one time, the eyebrows appear fuller, for a 24-hour period. For some people, this one day-lasting treatment is good enough.

At the present time, there are no agents which can aid in the growth of eyebrows on a long-term basis. A hair transplant for the eyebrows is the only treatment which will have permanent results. After an eyebrow transplant, the patient will have natural hair growing in their eyebrow area. Hair follicles are incised from the scalp so they’ll grow like head hair and will need to be trimmed once every couple of days. A natural eyebrow look will result after the surgery. People who don’t have much head hair may have to undergo several transplants to achieve their desired look.

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