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Hair Transplant Maintenance after Surgery

For patients whom have had hair transplant surgery or for those considering surgery, many questions while arise in regards to the procedure itself. One typical question that comes up has to do with maintenance right after their hair transplant procedure. One patient whose father was caring for him after his surgery asked in a recent email, “When can my son start handling his hair after his hair transplant without any caution?”

It’s always good to be cautious when it comes down to surgical procedures but luckily hair transplant surgery is a relatively minimally invasive procedure which requires very little maintenance. We tell our patients to be most cautious within the first few days (day 1 through 4) of their hair restoration surgery and after that period to continue with their regular washing and handling routine. If you feel the need to conceal the treated areas, it can be easily done by changing your hair style or covering it with a hat or head wrap (bandana).

At this point (day 5), there is really no limitation as to what can be done with your hair except in regards to sun exposure. It is highly recommended to avoided excessive sun exposure to the scalp and treated area for the next 6 months and, if possible or necessary, to try to wear some sort of sun protection (sunscreen or hat).

We schedule to see patients in our offices of US Hair Restoartion in Southern California days 1, 10 and 10 months after hair transplant.

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