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Why Hair Stylists or My Physician Actually Did Not Know about Hair Restoration?

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Hair Restoration recommendationThere are times when I receive inquiries as to why professionals such as hair stylists and dermatologists do not recommend hair restoration surgery to their clients or patients. I have scratched my head to this quandary as to why this is, since hair restoration surgery is the only method which is proven, permanent, and natural! The fact is, when it is done by a skilled hair restoration surgeon, the final product looks GREAT!!!

In the past twenty years, hair restoration surgery has progressed significantly, but with the most noticeable changes happening in only the past five years. The most profound breakthrough in this time is the current method of dissecting hair grafts to maximize accuracy for long-term growth as well as the ability to transplant larger quantities of hair grafts (up to 5,000 in one sitting) which is known as a giga-session.

Unfortunately many stylists, and shockingly physicians as well, are not up to speed with modern hair transplantation techniques or the positive effects a surgery can have on their clients or patients. It is our goal at US Hair Restoration to continue to educate physicians, hair stylists, and the public about the science and art of current hair transplantation techniques.

We are intentional about inviting professionals such as physicians and hair stylists to hear about our services, witness a live surgery, and see life changing results just months after an operation. This knowledge helps them to be more informed of how to better direct their clients and patients. When it comes to hair and hair loss in general, hair stylists are seen as having great credibility for making suggestions. At US Hair Restoration we have a progressive campaign for educating them called the “LA’s Top Style List” and we believe our message will be made known.

Is the FUE Better than the Strip Hair Transplant?

Friday, August 5th, 2011

FUE transplant - donor I am often given questions from patients regarding the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure as to how it compares with the other procedures. The FUE is a method where hair is removed in single follicular units which is different than the strip method, which involved a large incision and dissection of strip into follicular units. There is a lot of information on the internet which do not recommend FUE procedures as oppose to many that promote it as the way of the future. In actuality, many surgeons and hair restoration facilities specialize in one method over another and might have bias to or against it. When the FUE is done properly, it has great results for many hair loss sufferers, mainly one’s with a minimum amount of hair loss. Some patients who cannot have the strip FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) method, will find the FUE procedure to be very beneficial.

Most transplant surgeries today are done through the FUT strip method for different reasons:
The strip method gives greater maximization of quality and viability of the hair follicles. The hair follicle transaction rate (grafts cut during surgery) could be higher with FUE method as oppose to strip technique. Larger surgeries of 4,000+ grafts can be done in one sitting with the strip method, where the FUE cannot get more than 1500 grafts per sitting. Larger FUE sessions also puts the healthy grafts outside of the body for a longer duration, thus making them more susceptible to losing health during the dissection and possibly dying in the process.

Modern technology in strip hair transplant has provided several methods which lower the visibility of scarring due to the FUT strip method. The FUE procedure is rather tedious, thus the cost of the surgery is greater. Ultimately, the best method is to be evaluated by a certified hair transplant surgeon who has knowledge and skill in both FUE and strip method and let him help you decide which method is best for you.