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Women Hair Loss Treatments

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Women’s Hair Restoration and Women Hair Loss Treatments


Parsa Mohebi, MD successfully restores female hairline.Parsa Mohebi, MD is among Los Angeles best hair restoration doctors. He notes that hair transplants are increasing among women. This includes scalp hair transplant for balding areas, improving the hairline to better frame the face and eyebrow hair transplants.  As women continue to advance in the competitive workplace self image and confidence are playing an ever more critical role in their life. More and more women are seeking hair restoration options that will improve their self image and confidence that diminished with hair loss.

Going bald adversely affects most people. Women often find it more traumatic then men.  Hair defines significant quality of life issues for women including:

  • her sense of personal beauty
  • health and wellness
  • sense of success and social status
  • her sense of sexuality
  • and other aspects of a woman’s self image and esteem.

Women are very devastated by the loss of hair. The best Los Angeles hair transplant centers are increasingly focusing on alleviating this problem for women.  Men embarrassed about hair loss don’t like people to know that they have had a successful hair transplant. Unfair as it might be the social stigma for women with baldness is even greater. Hair loss is also associated with poor health to the general public. The confusion, fear, and anxiety and helplessness that women feel is completely understandable.

Advances in hair restoration technology and diagnosing female hair loss makes it easier to determine who can be successfully treated by a medical hair transplant.

Female Hair Transplant

A hair transplant offers an affordable natural, proven, and permanent solution for some woman. Los Angeles hair restoration doctors specializing in women’s hair loss have developed specific protocols in the management of female hair loss. Summer specials at leading hair restoration center US Hair Restorations makes this a great time to consider hair restoration. The latest and advanced technologies and developments in these medical procedures provide quality low cost hair transplants for women.

Creating a Natural Looking Hairline for Women

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

female hairlineIn a recent article published in Dermatologic Surgery Journal, Dr. Nausbaum et Al discusses naturally occurring female hairlines. His study was based on a large panel of normal women for the purpose of comparing and contrasting hairline variables to attain the perfect female hairline. Given that male hair restoration has almost always been the focus of hair restoration this new information can help benefit women who are candidates for hair transplant surgery.

The author came up with a guide or type of blueprint to help determine the best hairline for a woman. This guide was based on the average recorded parameters in women with healthy, non-balding hair. Among a panel of 360 women, the most dominant feature found in 81% of the women was in fact the presence of the widow’s peak. In addition, around 90% of these women also showed lateral mounds.

It’s great to know that there is now a bigger emphasis in hair restoration for women with more viable information and techniques to help solve their hair loss. Our hair transplant surgical offices already specialize in female hairline reconstruction in women suffering from female patterned hair loss or male patterned hair loss. This technique has also been applied on transgender (male to female) patients to help soften and alter their masculine features.

We at our California offices of US Hair Restoration perform transgender hair transplants regularly and I personally believe that hair restoration is one of the most key procedures in sex reassignments process for transsexuals.

Women Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Monday, December 29th, 2008
Female hair loss

Female hair loss

I have been often asked this hair loss question on alopecia areata and other hair loss disorders during pregnancy in our Los Angeles hair transplant and Orange County hair restoration clinics. Here is one more female hair loss question about alopecia areata during pregnancy. The question is coming from one of my patients from our Los Angeles, Orange County hair transplant clinic who said she was diagnosed with Alopecia and lost pretty much all of her hair during pregnancy. Her son is now 5 months old and her hair has grown back. All but one spot. She said that she could hide the balding spot, but I would love for one day not to have to hide it.

This woman has experienced extensive hair loss, but she grew her hair back after only a few months, which is a great recovery for such a hair loss condition that could potentially lead to a much worse outcome. My suggestion to this patient was to be patient and to hang in there. It is very likely that this patient can grow the rest of her hair back without any hair loss treatment. If her hair loss was due to alopecia areata, a hair transplant cannot help her balding condition. Female hair loss during pregnancy and after delivery can recover spontaneously. However, she would need to be seen and examined by a hair specialist to confirm the diagnosis of her hair loss condition properly.

After pregnancy, women may lose hair due to a common condition called telogen effluvium that should not be mistaken with other hair loss disorders. Telogen effluvium is a common cause of hair loss in women after delivery of a baby or some other conditions. Telogen effluvium is a self limiting hair loss condition and does not need medical treatment and definitely not hair transplant surgery.