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Is it Possible to Perform an FUE Transplant From the Body or Beard?

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Good day all,

I recently had a case that I found very interesting and I thought you might as well. A patient was experiencing hair loss and was very unhappy to the point that it had a negative effect on his and his family’s lives. He was attending a school of medicine in another state and was willing to fly to our US Hair Restoration offices in Encino, California for the possibility of receiving a large FUE transplant from his body and beard into the balding areas of his scalp. He was hoping that this would help to end his hair loss once and for all.

Body hair can be used as an alternative method for hair restoration, as long as the patient understands that the end result will not be comparable to a scalp hair transplant due to a shorter growth phase (Anagen), as opposed to a long resting phase (Telogen), and a smaller final length of the hair, which are the characteristics of body hair. Thus, you may only see a portion of transplanted hair follicles in growth phase while the remaining hair stays in resting phase without maintaining a visible hair shaft.

Another option for hair transplantation is the possibility of using beard hair. Beard hair (for many patients) is closer to scalp hair and has a longer growth phase which allows it to grow to be much longer in comparison to body hair.  Both of these options have pros and cons and patients should weigh all of their options, after a full evaluation with a certified hair restoration surgeon. By speaking one-on-one with a qualified hair transplant surgeon, patients are able to find a treatment plan that best fits their needs.

To determine what option is best for you, attend a free consultation with a qualified hair restoration physician. If (like the patient above) traveling to one of our offices is inconvenient for you, then please feel free to fill out an online consultation request and our office staff will follow up with you as soon as possible to begin scheduling for a internet/phone consultation.

Will Pool or Jacuzzi Use Have a Negative Effect After Having Hair Restoration Surgery?

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Hello all,

I had a patient ask me a few good questions about limitations after having the hair restoration procedure done and I thought you might be interested in knowing the answers to them as well. I hope this information is useful to you!

When is it ok to start using the sauna (Jacuzzi) or pool?

One week after hair restoration surgery, is the suggested amount of time that you wait until you fully immerse the newly transplanted hair into water. What you want to be careful of though, is sun exposure. You should be wearing a hat or using sun block, to protect your scalp if you must go into direct sunlight until about six months after the procedure.

How soon after having the hair transplant surgery may I start taking vitamins?

Vitamins and most medications can be started immediately in the first few days following hair transplant surgery, if for any reason they were discontinued prior to the hair restoration procedure. There will be instances that we will request for a patient to prolong or stop any intake of medications before the surgery, that contain blood thinners; i.e.-aspirin, or aspirin like medications, to ensure there will be no complications during the hair restoration procedure. Here at US Hair Restoration, we want all of our patients to have the best experience possible and educating our patients is top priority.