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Diabetes and Hair Restoration

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Bald person who uses insulin for diabetesDiabetes is a common disease that has fallen upon many Americans. Often times people suffering from Diabetes will come to US Hair Restoration wondering whether they qualify for a hair transplant procedure. The question we often ask our patients is how well their diabetes is maintained.

Patients who have diabetes are able to have successful hair restoration procedures as long as the condition is under control. For many years Diabetes was a disorder that lowered a person’s life expectancy, and because of the risk of wound complications and infections, elective surgeries were limited. With modern medical science and updated methods for controlling diabetes, patients can safely have their transplantation procedures and other elective procedures without a major risk of infection or complication’s during the healing phase.

The protocol Dr. Mohebi has established here at US Hair Restoration requires there to be a clearance from the patient’s regular physician who monitors their diabetes more closely. When the blood glucose range is at a normal level and there is managable control over the diabetes, then a hair restoration is a viable option.

Does Sex Cause Hair Loss?

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

There have been times when patients ask about sex and hair loss. Some have even bragged about rapidly losing their hair because they have had very active sex lives. Most patients will always try and find a convenient reason for their progressive balding during the earliest stages.

Those with active sex lives are not the only ones suffering from hair miniaturization who try and find a reasonable excuse for their predicament. Often times the person’s partner is blamed, stressful situations, bad relations, or significant changes in their lives. When viewing the issue realistically, time, genetics, and gender, are the only true contributing factors to permanent hair loss. Other environmental factors merely accelerate the speed of the genetically predisposed hair loss. Individuals who are not genetically prone to balding may lose hair because of stress or trauma, but only for a time once the stressor is gone. For people prone to hair loss, once it’s gone it is gone. That is when other options such as hair restoration is needed.