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After Hair Restoration, Care for Donor Wound

Staring at the floor and increasing the tension or stretching the donor wound section, I feel that this type of movement is straining the back of my neck. I sense there’s not much laxity in that area, especially in comparison to right side. No vertical movement seems to be possible for the subcutaneous tissue or the galea at the donor area. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be happening. If the tension doesn’t go away, what other alternatives do I have?

One more note, I heard about doing scalp exercises prior to and after HT surgeries. What are they?



It’s commonplace to feel tightness on the side in which we took off the strip after hair restoration. The skin takes about two to three weeks to become accustomed to the wound and it gets stretched out to make up for the area that was removed. I strongly urge my patients to do scalp exercises before a hair transplant surgery in which I’ll be performing a strip technique. But I also tell them they ought to make sure to not do scalp exercises after a hair restoration procedure for the first few months.

I’d tell you to avoid any kind of exercise or movements that increase tightness in that donor area, up until you feel there is no more tightness whatsoever. When there is too much tension and stretching in that donor area after a hair restoration surgery, a patient may widen the donor scar, which isn’t desirable.

Thanks for your inquiry.

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