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Exercising After Hair Restoration Procedure

after hair transplantHi, Dr. Mohebi:

Several weeks have passed since my hair restoration surgery. These days, when moving my neck, I feel some sort of tension and sensitivity at the donor area. I’m wondering if this tension will ever subside and return to how it was before. I want to get back to playing in my basketball league.


We have elaborated comprehensively on the care after hair transplant surgery in our website that could be referred at. You need to wait several more weeks and then do light exercises such power walking, ride a bicycle, or some light jogging. Make sure to not overstretch that donor area by staring at the floor or the ground beneath you. As long as you don’t do that, you’ll be fine.

Make sure to stay away from the following sports or exercises: street basketball or indoor basketball, grappling or mixed martial arts, soccer, kickboxing, abs-sculpting activities, or windsurfing or water sports.
Remember not to put a lot of pressure on the donor part of the head. It must be guarded and protected as if your life depended on it (well, maybe it’s not that important, but it’s still crucial to protect that area).

Exercises that create high pressure at the ends of the scar wound in the donor area, such as pumping iron and other activities requiring a bent neck are to be avoided. I recommend waiting about five to seven months to do strenuous activities so as to keep the wound from opening again or to prevent the donor scar from becoming wider.


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