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What is Maturation of Hairline?

There is a great difference in hair design between a child and an adult.  Most notably is that between a boy and a man.  As men get older, the hairline takes on a different design.  This is known as maturation of the hairline.  Many young men in their early 20s come to our California Hair Transplant centers worried about recession of their hairline in the corners hoping they can get a hair transplant for it.mature hairline and hair transplant

Originally, the temples are full and give off a curved hairline design.  In most males, by the age of 16 to 24, the childhood hairline or kiddy hairline begins to recede giving the male a more mature frame.  The maturation of hairline is a normal phase in men but unfortunately does get worse for some.

When considering hair restoration surgery, it is typical for a hair transplant surgeon to make the hairline look like a normal mature hairline for men.  We try to avoid over filling the temples and adhere to the typical design of any hairline with a few variations depending on actually bone structure, ethnicity and density.  Adding a more curved effect as with a childhood hairline is unnatural in any adult male.

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