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Hair Care Beverly Hills Interview with Dr. Parsa Mohebi

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Dr. Mohebi is the medical director of US Hair Restoration’s hair transplant centers in Southern California. With offices centrally located amongst the major cities of Encino, Beverly Hills, Orange County, San Diego, and San Francisco, CA, Dr. Mohebi has made himself available to almost every major part of the California’s population. In addition, Dr. Mohebi is the author of Hair Restoration Blog where he responds to the questions/concerns of many aspects of hair loss and hair restoration.  In addition to his blog where Dr. Mohebi answers basic questions regarding hair loss and hair restoration, the doctor has also been interviewed (for the second time) by Hair Care Beverly Hills of

Below you can see some of Dr. Mohebi’s main responses to questions posed by the interviewer.

In response to the question of whether or not clients are eligible whom have already had hair restoration and are unhappy with the results, the doctor responded: Yes, hair transplant repairs are possible and are a good portion of the hair transplant surgeries performed in our Southern California offices (mainly located in Beverly Hills, Encino,Orange County, and San Diego hair transplant consultation). Many people may have unnatural results from previous hair transplants due to the older techniques (such as plug surgery), but some may even have problems with recent hair restoration procedures due to technical issues or lack of proper judgment on the part of the hair transplant surgeon. In most situations, the repair is easy and can be done in one to two sessions.

In regards to the question of whether or not there is a minimum age requirement for hair restoration, Dr. Mohebi stated: It is not unusual for a hair transplant surgeon to discourage a person younger than 24 from pursuing a hair restoration surgery.  However, nowadays microscopic techniques being used to evaluate the miniaturization of susceptible hair can assist surgeons in predicting the final pattern of hair loss. By being able to predict each patient’s final balding stages, we are able to see where the pattern of baldness is heading and based on that, we can now recommend hair transplant surgery at an earlier age.

When asked about the donor scar following a hair transplant and whether or not it will be visible, Dr. Mohebi responded: If you do not plan on shaving your hair after your hair transplant surgery, your donor wound will never be visible. However, if you plan on shaving your head for any reason, you may choose to have a FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction procedure done rather than the general FUT procedure through removing a strip from the donor area. FUE transplant eliminates the visibility of a linear scar on the back of your head and is the best option for patients who plan on shaving their head or keeping their hair very short in the future.

To determine recommended options or graft numbers for your personal case, Dr. Mohebi suggests attending an in person consultation in any of his five California regional offices. In addition, he stated: Yes, the initial consultation with me (Dr. Parsa Mohebi) is complimentary in any of our California hair transplant offices in Beverly Hills, Encino, Orange County, San Diego, and San Francisco.

Lastly, the interviewer inquired as to what clients should bring with them to their free consultations and the doctor replied: Anything related to your hair loss and hair restoration, including family history of hair loss, other medical conditions that may have been attributed to ones hair loss, medical, surgical or even cosmetic changes that you like and may help you have a better result after a hair restoration procedure.

Hair Transplants and Hollywood California

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

hollywood Calinifornia hair transplantIt is not uncommon for us to receive emails asking about celebrity hair loss and hair transplants. Many within the media or regular fans will usually ask a hair transplant surgeon about their favorite actor or actress and whether or not they have had a hair transplant procedure with us or elsewhere.

This is all relatively normal considering we operate our business in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Of course, we cannot disclose any information of any artist that has had a hair transplant unless they consent to releasing that information but gossip and the paparazzi are ever vigilant in the world of Hollywood.

It is astonishing how many hits a single celebrity can get just by typing their name in and even more so of those rumored to have had hair restoration done. It is also unfortunate when their hair systems can be recognized fairly easily. Wigs and hair systems have come a long way in the sense of realism but with today’s high definition and high resolution technology and cameras, they can easily reveal what is meant to be concealed. There are many celebrities whom may have had old technique hair transplants which are easy to detect and are now bound to a certain hair style just to cover their unnatural hairline.

Fortunately many of these old technique procedures can be corrected using new technology follicular unit transplant as long as their donor hair was not violated or completely depleted by their old technique surgeries.

California and its star-struck cities like Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Hollywood are notorious for its high standards for good looks and good health. It is also very concentrated in terms of the number of hair transplant surgeons and cosmetic surgeons. This is why many artists caught up in the world of fashion; art and entertainment consider all methods of cosmetic surgery and hair transplant surgery and hair restoration.