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Hair Donor Scar Revision with BOTOX Injection for the Best Results

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

botox for hair transplantIn a recent email, a patient is going to undergo an additional hair transplant and scar revision.  He had done some research in regards to the use of BOTOX injections to help reduce the width of his scar and wonders where and why would you use BOTOX injection, how many units or CCs, and whether it would benefit him.

BOTOX injection has been recently introduced to hair transplant surgery for the prevention of scar stretching.  There have been a number of patients that have been studied but the research has a very limited number of test subjects.  The main purpose of the research was to help compare the effects of BOTOX injection on scar width.  One side was treated with BOTOX injection while the other is left alone and the results are recorded during their post hair transplant surgery follow up visits.

It is hard to conclude what the best dosage of BOTOX would be in and around the donor wound because of the limited findings reported.  In a recent blog titled Botox Can Reduce Widening of Hair Transplant Scars found in US Hair Restoration Blog, BOTOX helps minimize tension present around the edges of the wound.  This action helps collagen mature and the scar wound to form completely.

More studies need to be done to get a much more conclusive answer in regards to the number of units needed and how often BOTOX needs to be reapplied.  Because of this, the amount of BOTOX injection needed must be determined by the individual surgeon.  This can also change based on the length and size of the hair transplant donor scar.  As a note, the injections should not be placed within the first week of post surgery due to the acute inflammatory reaction caused by surgery and should be repeated in 4 month intervals.  Muscles tend to get their strength back within or after that time frame.

Hair Restoration Scar Revision

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

For previous hair transplant patients, scar revision is the process of correcting or minimizing the scar appearance left after a hair transplant procedure. In the case of a patient email we received, his scar seems to be a bit wider on one side compared to the other. His transplant was performed in a different clinic and the result of the wide scar was of natural effect. He asks, “Is it better to do only half and not touch the good side so to speak?”

There are a couple of techniques that can be used to correct this issue. The most common is a simple excision and closure of the scar which may reduce the scar’s width. Considering the scar is behind the neck area, BOTOX can be applied to prevent future stretching. Some patients may require what is known as trichophytic closure which allows hair to grow into the scar further minimizing the appearance of the scar. Finally, the most effective way of eliminating scar visibility is by means of an FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedure to fill in the scar left behind by the strip procedure.

The maturation or completely healing of a scar is a timely occurrence. Scars can sometimes take as long as 6 months to fully develop and can continue to evolve even after that time but at a slower rate. Because of how long scars can take to fully develop, we avoid during any type of scar revision surgery until at least 6 months after wound closure. We offer free donor scar revision consultation at our Orange County hair restoration office.