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What to Expect After Four Months from Hair Transplantation

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

We had a patient from a different hair restoration clinic that had a few concerns about his hair transplant results. He underwent hair transplant in September of 2008 and mentions that sometime in November he started trimming his hair avoiding the transplanted area and then started trimming all areas to help him monitor his progress. He also stated that he has curly hair which can make it relatively hard to really notice his growth. He fears that because he never asked how many grafts he had received that maybe he had less done than he had hoped for.

He asks, “Does transplanted hair regrow at different rates?”. Generally, transplanted hair goes through a few changes. First, the transplanted hairs will shed in about 9 out of 10 people and you will probably see some or if any results in about 3 months after your hair transplant surgery. This is the most obvious result for patients who had little to no hair in the first place.

Most patients who already have existing hair don’t usually see or notice results until about 6-8 months after the surgery. The hair is growing but visually it does not compare to the existing hair and can be easily mistaken as a bad hair transplant. Once the transplanted hair becomes long and thick enough you can easily distinguish the results.

We understand the importance of results to our patients but results after hair transplant cannot be rushed. As for a follow up or additional procedure, US Hair Restoration does not recommend having an additional hair transplant procedure within less than 6 months of the initial procedure because many of the grafts may not even be out at that time. With patience and time you will see the results of your transplanted hair in a few months or sooner.

What to Expect for Four Months after Hair Transplant

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

growth of hair after hair transplantWe answer to our patients and other patients who underwent or planning to undergo a hair transplant surgery in our hair restoration blog.  Here is one of the question from a patient who has hair transplant around four months ago. Patient is anxious to see growth of his transplanted hair as soon as possible.  He stated that he underwent a procedure four months ago and it has been hard to tell the growth of hair.

He continues as follows, “In November at least over 2 months after the surgery I started using a buzzer on all unaffected areas of my head to balance out the length of the shave of the recipient area.  I wasn’t totally bald before so eventually, my already existing hair in the front starting getting a little out of balance.  I was pretty cautious about shaving the recipient area, so roughly around mid-December I started shaving it all to balance everything out. I also did it so I could monitor the improvement better, as it’s not easy when it’s uneven.  It seems like I have more hair than I used to, but it’s still barely half the density of all the surrounding hair on the sides and around the top, not the front, which is approximately half as dense.

Can it be the side effect of the finasteride? But I barely remember the holes being poked in the recipient area when my hair transplant doctor performed the procedure.  One thing that concerns me is that I was never told exactly how many grafts were transplanted.  It never really worried me until now.  When I had a previously replacement at X hair clinic, to be exact, they told me, but then I wasn’t under any strong sedatives so perhaps that’s why I’m concerned.”

Patient asked, “Does transplanted hair regrow at different rates?  I know that some has grown in, but to me it’s not enough, as it’s very noticeable that it’s much less dense in the area I expected to get treated the most.  Like it doesn’t seem too much improved when compared to before the procedure. To put it frankly, I’m already considering undergoing another transplant procedure, because my expectations were not met.

I must admit that my doctor was very nice, and answered all of my questions.  However, I must say that I’m not impressed.  This isn’t the first hair transplant procedure I’ve undergone. Actually, it’s the third.  I don’t clearly remember the dates involved, like basically how long it took to see a difference, but for some reason I’m expecting to see more of a difference this most recent time around, because this hair restoration procedure involved the largest number of grafts.  I’m just hoping that it takes longer for all the transplanted hair to actually kick in, and that it ramps up over time.  Basically I’m hoping that seeing any difference doesn’t mean that that’s it.

If you have similar question after hair transplant surgery, don’t panic. The growth of transplanted hair could be very gradual and full result may not be seen before one full year after hair transparent.  Of course you need to discuss your concerns with your hair transplant doctor.  Transplanted hair generally sheds in 90% of people and you do not see anything for about 3 months after the hair transplant surgery.  After the third month you may start seeing growth of most transplanted hair.  That is more obvious for the patients who do not have any hair at all.  People who already have some hair should not be able to see much before 6-8 months from the time of their surgery when transplanted hair is long and thick enough to be distinguished.

I understand that you are anxious to see the final result as soon as possible, but you cannot rush the growth of grafts.  I do not perform nor recommend doing a second procedure before 6 months from the previous hair transplant because many of the grafts are not even out at that time.  Be patient and you will see your transplanted hair growing in a few months.