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Hair Transplantation for Hair Line Lowering in Women

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

A recent patient of ours is looking into lowering her hairline to give her a more feminine and youthful frame for her face. She was a bit concerned when she read on our site that not many female hair loss patients are good candidates for hair restoration surgery.  Her concerns also included the probability of losing her newly transplanted hair, recovery time and if hair restoration surgery has any negative effect on the body itself.
Hair transplant surgery is a very useful procedure for those whom have lost a significant amount of hair.

One question many patients have asked our facility is, “How do I know if I’m a good hair transplant candidate?”.  Of the many patients whom are most concerned are our female hair loss patients.  Women with significant miniaturization or thinning of hair shafts associated to female pattern baldness are not good candidates for the surgery. On the topic of hair line lowering, as long as the donor area has not been compromised by female pattern hair loss it is possible to do the surgery.

Hair transplant surgery is a permanent and safe procedure for both men and women. In some cases, patients may experience some degree of shock loss or loss of native hair after the hair transplant procedure. This is sometimes seen in patients whom have a high level of miniaturization as is seen in male or female pattern baldness.

Recovery time does vary for each patient but it is not enough to limit your everyday function. Most patients can go back to school or work the next day after their surgery and can conceal their transplant easily with a hat, head cover or by combing their hair in a different style temporarily. The most common residual effect is generally swelling and redness at the recipient area. This is usually resolved within or after 3-4 days from surgery. Most clinics, like ours, will provide our patients with special medication to alleviate these symptoms.

Hair restoration surgery does not have any adverse effect on the rest of the body. The most that can result from hair transplant surgery is primarily in regards to the induced medications the day of surgery. We always recommend that you disclose any allergic reactions possibly associated to medications and to food to prevent any complications or even discomfort during or after the procedure. Hair transplant surgery is considered a minimally invasive procedure and the possibility of it having a negative effect on the body are considered unlikely.