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The Places to Buy Latisse

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010


Hello, Doctor,

I’m an adult female in my early thirties. I’m trying to find a way to enhance my appearance but I don’t want to go under the knife, like breast enhancement or even lip enhancement. I’m not really a young girl anymore and feel like I need to look as good as ever to attract a good-looking man. I happened upon Latisse on the Internet and I’d like to know how to order it.




Thanks for the email. It’s always good to get inquiries from the general public. You can only obtain Latisse from a physician, and that’s with a prescription. Make sure not to buy Latisse anywhere except at a credible pharmacy or from a doctor’s office. It’s possible there may be phony Latisse-like products you may find on the street or on the Web. Stay away from these imitations; they may have dire side effects.

Side effects from taking Latisse are things like your eyelids becoming darker, likely temporary, and a likelihood that iris color may become much more brown, which is more likely to be a permanent condition.

On the flip side, Latisse will make your eyes look prettier. No doubt about that. People, women especially, want a soft, doe-eyed a look. With the chemicals found in Latisse, it will give your lashes a thicker look and make them longer. Latisse will actually increase the length of your eyelashes, for a certain period of time. Then they will return to their original look.

If you really desire your eyelashes to be longer, Latisse is for you. There are also doctors who perform eyelash transplants. I know people diagnosed with Alopecia Totalis sometimes get an eyelash transplant. Then there are those who don’t have a lot of eyelashes and want more, to enhance their physical appearance.

We do offer Latisse in all our Southern California hair restoration offices.

New Hair Loss Product for Longer and Fuller Eyelashes

Saturday, May 16th, 2009
latisse for thickening of eyebrows

Above: Before and Below: After Latisse

Latisse is the name of a new medication that is used for elongation of eyelashes. As a glaucoma medication, biatoprost has been available, used and prescribed to control the progression of glaucoma and to manage ocular hypertension. It is also designed to reduce intraocular pressure. Although biatoprost does what it is designed to do, one of the documented side effects of the glaucoma medication is lengthening of the eyelashes. As of December of 2008, the FDA has approved the use of this product for eyelash lengthening under the name of Latisse by Allergan.

This is a perfect example of an unusual and/or unexpected side effect that has been put to use for its key advantages. Another example is the drug minoxidil which was originally used as a blood pressure medication but as a result of its use, hair growth was reported as a side effect. Now minoxidil is another FDA approved drug used in Rogaine topical for hair loss prevention and treatment.

For people interested in having longer, fuller and natural eyelashes without surgery or makeup, Latisse is the best option available by prescription. Eyelash hair transplant surgery is another method that would use scalp hair to be implanted into the eyelash area as well. The best candidates for eyelash hair transplant surgery are people whom have little or no eyelashes on all or part of their eyelash area. If you have eyelashes and are looking into making them longer and fuller, Latisse might be your best option.

If you are interested in ordering Latisse, please contact us at 888-302-8747.  We do have a special rates for Spring of 2009.