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Hair Transplant Side Effects – Hiccups

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Following a hair transplant surgery, hiccups may develop due to several factors. Some of the main factors to cause this are: the medication that patient takes, possible local irritation of some nerve endings in the donor area (especially in strip technique hair transplant) and lastly, a patient’s diet.

These three possible causes are each explained in depth below.

Medication: Some medications that are given to the patient after a hair transplant surgery (i.e. – steroids) may increase the chance of developing temporary hiccups.

Diet: In the case that a patient develops hiccups due to his/her eating or drinking habits, his/her diet needs to be controlled. Alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages or taking in large volumes of food may also increase the chance of developing hiccups.

Local nerve irritation: The local irritation of some nerve endings, such as the posterior auricular nerve or other branches of the cervical plexus may stimulate the phrenic nerve thus also causing hiccups.

If hiccups persist severely or beyond a few hours you are urged to contact your hair transplant surgeon for medical evaluation and treatment.  Your doctor may prescribe you chlorpromazine (Thorazine) and advise you to continue taking these pills for a few days to avoid re-occurance of the hiccups.